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Sinology Journal of University of Würzburg 

April 2024 (Vol. 1)

Fashion, Tradition, and Identity:Comparative Analysis of zhigong tu 職貢圖 and European Costume Books

Martyna Szoja

On the Ideals of a “Saint” in Confucius’ Era and Teachings

Calebe Guerra

“China and its Role in post-COVID-19 World Governance by the Internationalization of the Yuan and the Global Development Initiative “


Sinology Journal of University of Würzburg

April 2024 (Vol. 1)


The Language section focuses on the Chinese language, its grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. Articles in this section can examine topics such as Chinese dialects, Chinese characters, the use of Chinese in various contexts, and issues related to Traditional Chinese texts and translations. 

Art and Literature

The Art and Literature section covers Chinese art, literature, and culture. Articles in this section can analyse topics such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, literature, music, theatre, and film. 


 The Economics section discusses China’s economic development and economic policies. Articles in this section can examine topics such as China’s economic growth, trade relations, financial system, and industrial politics. They can cover issues related to China’s domestic economic system, as well as China’s role in the global economic system. 

Foreign Policy

The Foreign Policy section focuses on China’s foreign policy and its relations with other countries. Articles in this section can cover topics such as China’s relations with neighbouring countries, its global diplomatic strategy, and its involvement in international organisations. 

Politics and Ideology

The Policy and Ideology section covers topics related to Chinese domestic policy, political systems, institutions, societal issues, and political philosophy. Articles in this section can discuss China’s political history, political institutions, elite politics, grassroots politics, and Chinese traditional and modern political philosophy.